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Ordering Online & Setting up a Commercial Online Portal - What's the big deal?

Updated: Feb 1

While we are working on our website to add features this year, one thing that has always been convenient for the last 8 years is our Online Ordering option! One thing we wanted to offer was being available to our customers 24/7 and online ordering has allowed us to do just that! While it started with just our deliveries, we expanded our online order process 5 years ago to include our installation side as well.

In the fall of 2018 we introduced the "Online Portal." This was designed around our commercial and wholesale clients who are established businesses that needed a more personalized 24/7 option to order. So what are the steps to registering your business for an "Online Portal?"

Step 1 - Are you a Landscaper, Contractor, or Retailer/Wholesale Business?

Currently, the "Online Portal"is only available to Businesses with active accounts. When you register your business for this feature, we build a custom dashboard with your business information that we already have on file.

Step 2 - Is your business already active with Gatlin's Straw?

If you are already established and doing business with us, then you may go ahead to Step 3!

If you are a new company that has yet to work with us, we would need some information first to be able to create your business dashboard! The online portal is customized to make ordering effortless with pre-filled billing information and certain other details that our accounting department keep on file. If you would like to start this process, please feel free to give our office a call. For wholesale pricing and rates for your company, you can also find more information on our website at the bottom of our home screen by clicking on Forms and Applications. These forms and contract are NOT required to be able to work with us or access an online portal. Contracts are only for those looking for wholesale pricing and/or may be tax exempt.

Step 3 - Register For Your Account

If you checked YES to the first two steps, then all that's left is to register online at the "Account/Log In" tab at the top of the home page.

From there, we begin personally building your dashboard. Please note this is not automated. Our office goes in and customizes your dashboard bit by bit, which requires a little time and patience, we are human after all. But you will have access to your portal within 48 hours of registering.

Hopefully this post answers many questions you may have. Anyone can order online with us, whether or not you have an account. Using our online order forms for delivery or installation, our forms will guide you through the ordering process. If you complete any of the online order forms and DO NOT receive an email confirmation in your inbox within an hour, and it's not seen in your Spam Box either, please contact us as soon as you can! There may have been an issue with the ordering being submitted.


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