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  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept Cash and Check only.
  • How much area does each bale cover?
    Each bale of pine straw covers 40-45 square feet, 6 inches deep if you have existing straw already in place. If you are covering bare ground, each bale will cover approximately 25 square feet. If you need more assistance figuring out how many bales you need visit our Straw Calculator!
  • If I want to replace mulch with pine straw, how much pine straw will I need?"
    For every yard of mulch you would need 3 bales of pine straw. (ie. 30 yards of mulch = 90 bales of pine straw "30 x 3")
  • What is the time frame for Deliveries?
    Our routes are made similar to an UPS route. With 50 or more deliveries a day, it's difficult to give a dedicated time of delivery or set specific times. We have our delivery drivers call with a 30-45 minutes heads up so you have a time window. If it's something however, where you don't wish to sit by the phone, you can let us know where to stack the straw and find the payment, and we will gladly make the drop without you having to wait on us.
  • What if I'm not available during a delivery?
    You can let us know when you place the order where to stack the straw and find the payment and we will still make the delivery if no one is available. (ie. stack at house end of driveway, check under front door mat.) However, failure to not leave payment will cause the order to be cancelled and you will need to call the office to reschedule your delivery.
  • Do I need to be present during an Installation?
    Yes. We like for you to be home during the installation so that we can make sure all the areas are covered and nothing was over sighted or missed. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.
  • Is it possible to have straw delivery same-day?
    Yes, if you are in the Wilmington or Leland area and call us before 9:00 am that day. We will also offer you that option if you call in and we are able to make that work.
  • When is the best time of year to purchase straw?
    Fresh straw starts falling in the months of October/November. We recommend installing straw in the Fall and again in the Spring when the straw is at it's peak.
  • What is Trenching?
    Trenching (aka Victorian Edging) is created by using equipment that gives your bed extra definition by creating a 3 inch trench. We recommend this because it allows a really clean edge to your landscaping and also keeps grass from invading the bed area. This service is an optional add-on for any installation scheduled for an additional fee.
  • What kind of Straw do you sell?
    Our straw is local Long-Leaf Pine Straw. That's all we sell. Raked and baled daily from fields located in Brunswick and Columbus Counties. Nothing has been sitting in trucks for months or shipped in from out of state.
  • How do I get Wholesale or Contracting Rates?
    We ask that you fill out a wholesale/contractor application. From the anticipated annual amount needed, we then select your contractor/wholesale rate. To access our application for wholesale/contractor pricing, please click here.
  • Where is the Pick-Up lot located?
    Click here for directions, please note this is NOT our mailing address and is only our staging lot for pick ups. Pick-ups require an appointment. Please call 910-371-2276 and press option 2 to make arrangements.
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