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Navigating the Cape Fear Bridge Closure: Updates for Arrival Times

As we are all being affected by the Cape Fear bridge closure, we please ask that our customers on the Wilmington side be patient and give us a little grace with our arrival times as we are navigating varying traffic conditions daily. This week, while still early to be able to consistently gauge a flow of things, we have learned that early mornings are the most congested and have added an hour, sometimes slightly more, to our commute into Wilmington; especially southern portions of Wilmington/Carolina Beach areas. We will be keeping the time frame status updated here as long as this closure is in place.

Delivery Time Frame Status: No time frames allowed at this time.

We are not able to dedicate delivery time frames. While we don't give dedicated times of arrival normally, when asked we do try to give our best "guestimate"of an arrival window, but with the current conditions, we are not able to. If you are not able to be home during the delivery, you may let us know where to place your order and find the payment by calling/emailing our office prior to your delivery, or by letting the delivery driver know when they call on the way to your stop.

Installation Time Frame Status:   Few Delays at this time.

As far as arrival times for installation appointments, we are doing our best to stay within our arrival time frames that have been assigned, and have adjusted to try and accommodate the delays so that you are not waiting and wasting your time. If there are any circumstances where we are running behind, we will call and let you know as quickly as possible so that you are not inconvenienced.

We appreciate everyones patience with us as we navigate through this. We too are having to practice our patience and trying to make this as simple and convenient for you as possible. Thank you!


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