Commercial Account Login Help

How do I register my Company?

Each login is unique to your company. You can either have each individual register, creating their own personal login to the Company's Dashboard. Or you can share the same login. The Company Dashboard will remain the same no matter the login. An email and a password is required to register.

I've registered. Now what?

Once you have registered your Company, we approve the account and set up your Company's Custom Dashboard. You will receive an email letting your know your registration was approved. From there you can go back to the Login Screen, Login, and enjoy your Custom Dashboard. On your Dashboard you can update your profile information, Place internet orders, contact us either by phone/chat/email, and also view Your Company's Calendar with any scheduled deliveries or orders.

Can anyone view my Dashboard?

No. Your dashboard is only seen by members who register, and are approved by us. The only way multiple people would see your company's dashboard is if you allow multiple users.

How do I delete an account?

To delete an user/account, contact us directly at 910-371-2276. If a user needs to be blocked from your dashboard we can do that as well.

Have a question not listed? Feel free to call us and we will glady help with any questions, or click here to contact us for more info.