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No Other Job Openings Available

Feel free to fill out an application, we keep it on file for 90 days and if any openings become available, you are already in line for the position!

Job # FH1513 - Field Hand/Straw Baler - Full-Time 

We are seeking individuals who are familiar with raking and baling straw.  Individual must be hard working, detail-oriented, and be able to work in the outdoors in hot and cold climates and sometimes unfavorable weather (in the rain).


The job requires the following:

- Be able to lift 25 lbs (minimum)

- Have a valid Driver's License 

- Able to work weekends

- Able to work outdoors rain or shine in the heat/cold

- Ability to hand rake straw and operate a hydraulic baler

Pay depends on experience and performance. 

If interested, please list "FH1513" in the Job Posting section of the application below.

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