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We wanted to give our customers an update to clarify a few looming questions you may have... so here we go!

What is the Delivery Time Frame? - As far as time frames for deliveries, we are still running approximately a month out, and trying to move orders up with any extra inventory we are able to bring in at the end of the day. If anyone changes their delivery date or cancels, we move the next order in line up, and our office will contact you as soon as possible to offer a sooner delivery date to you if available.

What is the Installation Time Frame? - Installations are running between 1 1/2 months to 2 months out at the moment. We are working to move these orders up as well with extra inventory, and in the event anyone changes their appointment or cancels.

Is the Pick-up Lot Open? - We have temporarily closed our pick-up lot, and remain temporarily closed on Saturdays in order to replenish our inventory to hopefully return to a much shorter turn around on orders.

What in the world is going on?? - With it being Spring, this is our busiest time of year, and this year is definitely no exception. The difference this year though is we received a very high volume of orders all at once, and we are only able to produce so much to fulfill those orders a day at a time. Our straw comes out of LOCAL fields DAILY, where the bales are NOT raked by machine, but by hand. We do NOT import from other companies from in or out-of-state. We do NOT store massive amounts of straw to sit in containers and deteriorate. Our crew is working 6-7 days a week raking and bringing in as much straw as possible, with the cooperation of weather as well.

Why don't you store massive amounts for Spring? - If straw is stored in large containers for long periods of time, especially in warmer climates, it quickly turns gray and deteriorates, turning the needles very brittle. This also happens as temperatures increase in the Summer Season. Winter/Spring is the best time to get straw, Spring being the busiest season for us. Straw falls during the late Fall and Winter months, and the longer its exposed to moisture and high temperatures, the quicker it is to deteriorate. Therefore, we prefer to have our crews rake on a daily basis giving the best "shelf life" for the straw.

Why can't I place a Phone Order or Talk to someone? - Temporarily, we have gone to only internet orders in order to have everyone on routes and in fields to help catch up on inventory to fill orders. While we wholeheartedly agree that customer service is a great deal of our success, we also agree that being able to fill orders in a timely manner should also be a huge factor too. Our customer service has not been replaced though. If you have changes to your order, you can either reply to your emailed order confirmation, or leave a voicemail with our office and we promise to follow-up with you within 24 hours or the next business day. It may sometimes be after hours during the weekdays so that we don't keep you waiting too long, but we are doing our best to help as quickly as we possibly can. Don't worry though, this is temporary, and the duo normally behind the phones, Tracey and Lee, will return. We also recommend that if you do not see a confirmation within a hour of placing your order to call our office. Also check your SPAM box. Sometimes our emails tend to go the spam box and to keep from missing any important emails from us, we suggest adding us to your contact book. We don't do the advertising or daily annoying emails, or anything like that. We simply use it to communicate any updates, changes, or questions about your order. Period. If you subscribe to our "News & Updates" section, then you will get emails anytime we post to our site which is not often, except recently due to the backlog of orders. We just want to be able to keep everyone informed and not annoyed.

Apologies for such a long read. Hopefully putting this in sections will help everyone get the answers they need without having to waste time reading something not pertaining to their questions. We just wanted our customers to know we appreciate your patience and understanding at this time, and above all continued business even with the extended wait times. If you have more questions please check out our FAQ section to see if that may further help answer any other questions you may have, if not, please feel free going to the bottom of our home page on our website, click on "Contact Us" and asking your question by emailing us. (Note: Please check your SPAM box for a response, if you do not receive a reply within 24 hours)

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