• Gatlin's Straw

Order Update

Updated: Apr 8

We want to start off by thanking everyone for their business and patience! We are still working hard to fill everyone's orders as quickly as possible, and apologize for the inconvenience. Even though we are not taking orders over the phone at the moment, we do still have internet ordering available for deliveries, and installation. With the high volume of orders we are receiving, there is a wait. Our pick - up lot is temporarily closed, as the straw on the lot is already sold as it comes in. If any orders are canceled or rescheduled, we move the orders in queue up on a first come first serve basis to try and fill them sooner. To make everything smooth and easy while we are busy filling orders, we have a few pointers to help get the information you may need!

- FAQ Section - We ask customers to please utilize our FAQ section of our website! This

section has some commonly asked questions that may help you find the

answers you need without having to guess or wait on an email or call back from

office. Click here to visit this section.

- Online Order Form - These forms are made to make ordering easy 24/7. After

submitting your form, you will receive an email confirmation email within 4 hours of

submission. If you do not see an email confirmation in your inbox, or SPAM, then

please contact our office and we will gladly help as soon as we are able.

- Subscribe to our Update & News Section - We don't do a lot of posting, except when

we are doing our best to keep our customer posted like our current situation. With

subscribing to our updates section you will receive email notifications of the latest

updates of closures and promotions. It's a nice way to stay in the know, and also get reminders to book your appointment before the Spring rush begins.

As we have "all hands on deck" right now to help fulfill orders, we have worked to make our site a one-stop information and shop stop. From order forms, updates, faq's and straw calculators, we have tried to take some of the most convenient measures to help you get the best experience possible, even though it's hard to beat one-on-one customer service.

Again, we appreciate everyone's patience during this busy time. We also appreciate everyone's continue support and understanding! We can't say "Thank You" enough!