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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Stock Update - Spring 2023

Updated: Jun 27

Spring is here, and that marks our busiest time of year for those of us in the landscaping and landscape supply business! While we spent this past Winter implementing better practices to try and stay stocked better this year, we have already been busy and starting to sell out days quickly. As much as we would like to be able to fulfill orders same-day/next-day, we please ask that you please place orders with as much notice as possible. Please see below for the time frames we are running for deliveries and installations.

Installation: 1-2 Months - Our Installation side has also been extremely busy, and booking 1-2 months out, however, we are actively staying on top of any and all reschedules and cancellations to be able to move up appointments as quickly as possible. We recommend those who want an installation, to try and schedule in the months of January and February before the spring season hits to ensure you get the date that works best for you! Those wanting to schedule for the Fall/Winter months we start getting booked up again in October, so we also recommend planning ahead as soon as you can to ensure you get the time line you would like.

Delivery: 1-2 days - Our Delivery drivers are running full days right now and also booking up quickly. We are running approximately 1-2 day out from the day you order. We also ask that you please be patient with our drivers, they are NOT able to guarantee time frames of delivery. If you are in need of straw on a certain day and also certain time, the best planning suggestion would be to order your delivery to be on the day before you plan on having it installed. If you do not wish to wait all day for your delivery, you may let us know where to stack your straw and find your payment, and we will still take care of delivery without you having to there in person. If you are not comfortable doing that, we understand, just know that different stops come with different challenges, whether traffic, weather, reloading truck, stacking a large order, and the distance between stops cause our route times to vary. If you would like to call to ensure we received your order, please do so! We don't mind and would in fact prefer to hear from you sooner than later, incase there was a problem to ensure you get your order. Remember those who order online, you should receive an email confirmation, and if you don't receive an email confirmation within an hour, we didn't get your order.

We are humans, doing all we can to help all our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. We appreciate each one of you and also your patience. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 910-371-2276 or email us by clicking "CONTACT US"at the very bottom of our home page.

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